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Adobe Announces New Acrobat X PDF Editing Software

PDFs are one of the most widely-used document formats when it comes to preserving a file’s content and layout across multiple platforms, but are you aware of what the latest version of the format is fully capable of? That was what Adobe sought to demonstrate with the latest version of its Acrobat professional PDF editing software in an event held at The Screening Room yesterday. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Sending a file saved with the PDF format is usually a great way to have an angry friend screaming at you on the phone or on MSN for ‘forcing’ him (or her) to download an additional application just so that your file can be viewed. And while that is usually the case when it comes to home users, the same cannot be said for the corporate users and knowledge workers, where the need to preserve a document’s fidelity and formatting is of critical importance.

Of course, ensuring that files reach their intended recipients with all its formatting and content intact is no easy task. However, Adobe is keen to show the world that it is now possible to not only create such files, but also enhance them with various rich and dynamic content without much difficulty at all. This is now made possible because of the new Adobe Acrobat X software, which was announced by Adobe at a media event held yesterday at The Screening Room.

Speaking at the event was Adobe’s Group Marketing Manager for South East Asia Janie Lim, who gave a brief description of what the new software was capable of delivering for knowledge workers.

“Adobe Acrobat X is not just a product, but rather, it is a family of services which we feel will define how the next generation of documents will be used, managed and perceived,” she said, while adding that there was a need to draw more attention to PDF technology.

“We are always trying very hard to have the public understand what PDF technology is, because all the attention has always been around Flash,” she added. 

Up next was Adobe’s Regional Manager for South East Asia Vicky Skipp, who proceeded to give a short explanation on Adobe’s contribution to the computing world with its PDF document format.

“There are over 160 million PDF files facing the web today, 600 million copies of Reader installed on devices around the world, and one million are on Android, which is quickly becoming more popular. There is a need to view data on your devices on all platforms,” she said.
Skipp also explained how Acrobat X will bring value and enhance the productivity of users who often engage in information sharing and online collaboration.

“Acrobat X is all about being transformational. It is all about next-generation technology. People typically perceive Acrobat to be a PDF converter, or some sort of software for document security. We want to share with people the true benefits of using Acrobat, not only as a knowledge worker within a business environment, but also as students in school, prosumers and consumers, and of course, enterprises around the world. Adobe continues to revolutionize the way the world world engages with ideas and information,” she said.

Last but not least, Adobe’s Senior Consultant Ashish Deshpande proceeded to demonstrate some of the new features available in Adobe Acrobat X, while further elaborating on how the software is set to change the way people perceive the PDF document format.

“What we have done in Acrobat X is that we have taken the PDF format to the next level by having all sorts of communication possible through the PDF medium. People are no longer going to say ‘I’ve read your file’. You’ll probably say ‘I listened to your file’, ‘I viewed your file’, or ‘I watched a video inside your PDF document’,” he explained. “We have made it possible for people to provide such dynamic experience for other uses as part of the features available to the Acrobat family.”

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