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Ad poster displays November 13 release date for PS4

If you’re one of the millions that hopped onto the PlayStation 4 (PS4) wagon right after its E3 announcements, then we have some relatively good news.  According to a supposed Media Markt poster, the PS4 will be released November 2013, which is just right before the Christmas shopping rush.

Sony, however, still needs to make an official announcement as to when the PS4 will launch, and according to a Sony rep anything regarding the PS4 release date are just mere speculations.

The PS4 will retail for €399 in Europe, £349 in the UK and $399 in the US.  As far as prices are concern, Sony dished out a low blow to Microsoft as both companies are attempting to position themselves strategically in the consoles battle.

With Nintendo and its Wii U essentially in the rear view mirror, it seems like Sony has (for the time being) a slight edge over Microsoft’s Xbox One.  Microsoft has not indicated that it intends to modify the $499 price tag of the Xbox One, and for many console gamers the price alone is a big factor in choosing which console they will purchase.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft recently did a 180 on portions of its DRM policies, so maybe it’ll also come to a similar conclusion about the price.  Both the PS4 and Xbox One will launch around Christmas time, but the question is… which one will you pick (check out our poll on the right)?

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