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Act 2 releases lightweight & compact Mobile Battery Pack

MiPow Power Cube(???? ???????) 8000 for Android

With a capacity of 8,000mAh, the MiPow Power Cube 8000 for Android is now on sale at an RRP of 11,700 Yen (~144USD).

Act 2’s new mobile battery pack has dimension of 90x90x17mm and contains a lithium polymer battery. The small compact pack also has a light weight of 220g. The battery apparently carries enough charge to fully recharge 2 mobile phones.

As the name of the device entails, the pack is made with phones in mind, and comes with a Micro USB cable attached so that no external cords are needed to charge up your phone on the go. Don’t worry though, when you’re not using the cable it slots into a nice neat ridge under the base of the unit, so it won’t get in your way when you carry it around in your laptop bag.


The pack also comes with a USB port, which allows you to use all sorts of cables to power those devices which don’t play nice and refuse to support Micro USB (I’m looking at you, Apple!).

Recharging of the internal battery is done via the USB cable that comes with the pack, and can also be done in a multitude of ways, including normal USB and Micro USB using the USB port on the device.


The pack’s design is also nothing to be scoffed at. It comes in a high class aluminum body case, with legs on the base so that it won’t slip off your desk. It also comes in any of 4 colors: Purple, Orange, Silver, or Dark Grey.

The device supports input/output current of 2.1A (5V), and it supports up to approx. 500 uses according to official data. (Don’t worry, I’m sure a much better model will be released by the time you kill this one!). Charge time for the pack is 8~10 hours, and it operates between the temperature ranges of 0~45°C. In addition to the aforementioned USB cable, it also comes with a leather case.


In addition to the Android model, a MiPow Power Cube for iPhone which comes with an Apple dock connector will also available for 11,700 Yen, but a release date has yet to be unveiled.



Source: PC Watch

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