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Acer to launch their Tablet in U.S, ahead of Thanksgiving


Acer will be launching their new tablet device in U.S. tomorrow ahead of Thanksgivings, in order to attract shoppers in this festive period. Aimed to compete with Apple’s iPad, the company has decided to launch it in (where else?) New York, also known as The Big Apple.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, research shows that this year, the most popular gift in U.S. is no doubt, the Apple iPad. Acer has planned to launch their tablet tomorrow (23 November) in U.S, which is in time for the Thanksgiving shoppers. But it seems like the company is declaring war with Apple when it has chosen to do so in “The Big Apple”, New York.

According to analysts, with many manufacturers coming up with iPad-like devices, the number of tablet sales next year is forecasted to be around 40 to 50 million. Apple’s iPad with more application support would maintain the lead in the market and the number of iPad sales will double in 2011.

Besides mobile phone makers, notebook PC manufacturers are also hopping on the band wagon. JT Wang, CEO of Acer, foresees that in the next three years, the number of tablet devices will exceed 50 million.  The iPad has dealt a significant impact in the U.S market, and with tablets and newer

According to speculations, Acer’s first tablet device will be based on Wintel (based on Intel x86 processor and running Microsoft Windows OS) and the Android versions are scheduled to be out early next year. The company may also announce its partnership with the telco operators.

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