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Acer joins Asus in ruling out prospective HTC acquisition plans

Even if the ailing One M9 producers would be looking for a buyout, which they’ve never confirmed, the list of possible financial saviors slims down by the day.


As stock price recently reached an all-time low, on the back of disappointing flagship sales and a meek presence in the mid-end smartphone landscape, HTC’s powers that be finally arrived at the predictable conclusion a strategy shift is needed. Another one.

Ergo, an international hero device release is reportedly planned for around October, months before the current spearhead will celebrate its first birthday, with an additional, radically different high-ender on deck in H1 2016.

But what if there’s an easier solution for Peter Chou, Cher Wang & co. to put things on the right track? At the very least, temporarily patch a few of the sinking ship’s holes. Enter someone in need of a recognizable, (once) mighty brand, with a lot of spare cash and thriving ambitions. It seems to work for Motorola, doesn’t it?


Only Lenovo can’t possibly be pondering further expansion, Acer lacks the resources, and HTC just turned down a theoretical hand from Asus. Wait, since when did Acer infiltrate purchase discussions? Since Taiwanese press asked CEO Jason Chen if he was interested.

“We have no plans to do so at this moment.” was the exec’s seemingly ambiguous answer, adding his outfit “does not have the capacity to acquire HTC or the capability to integrate the resources and operations of the two companies”, according to Focus Taiwan.

Curiously, the Chief Executive Officer instated early last year also claimed Acer made “good progress in the smartphone business” of late, which sounds like a small misrepresentation of the market reality. Honestly, does anyone know a single owner of a Liquid handheld? They’re the Bigfoot of the industry, and could definitely use HTC’s (still) respected name in certain parts of the world. But it’s all hypothetical talk anyway.

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