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Acer announces 24-inch all-in-one machine running Android

Acer announced its second all-in-one running Android today. The 24-inch machine comes with a full-HD multi-touch screen.

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Acer’s DA241HL is the manufacturer’s second all-in-one running Android, and it features decent hardware. The machine comes with a full-HD screen and features NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 under the hood.

The machine comes with Android 4.2 on-board, which means that users will get access to the Play Store. Acer is counting on the Android ecosystem to drive sales as it mentions that the Android platform is something users are familiar with.  With a daily device activations of around 1.5 million, that is true.

The device also has MHL connectivity that allows transmission of content from a smartphone to the 24-inch screen. Other connectivity features include HDMI and USB. When connecting using any of the ports, the all-in-one’s screen becomes a two-point touchscreen.

Acer has mentioned that the DA241HL will be available from mid-October and will cost around $566 (€429).


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