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ABIT Website to close at the End of February

There aren't many old-school hardware enthusiasts that didn't own at least one of ABIT's products in the past. Now, one final remainder of the motherboard that brought us the legendary Celeron overclock is dying at the end of February.

The legendary motherboard maker is long gone (since 2009) but the website lingered on in order to enable users to download the materials. That website is also drawing to a close in less than a month from now. On February 28, 2012 – www.abit.com.tw will shut down forever and you have time until then to download everything you may want or need.

Sadly for many of us, the story of ABIT's fall comes not from the changing market conditions, since former marketing and sales executives went on and shaped up the companies such as Corsair Memory, ASUSTeK, DFI, Cooler Master, TuL (PowerColor), Foxconn Channel and BitFenix.

The problem was an overzealous senior management lead by the CEO, who was a hardcore superstitious individual who would fire people for having a bad horoscope, changed the features of products because "the numbers would not align" or the product did not "sound right". According to our friends who worked there, the place turned into a region of terror and uncertainty and a lot of people jumped boat. Result was such that practically everybody else reaped the awards of success of trends which were pioneered by ABIT, such as overclocking motherboards, Fatal1ty brand, dedication to gamers and gamer branded boards and graphics cards.

To say farewell to ABIT, just by coincidence – this past weekend was marked with retirement of my brother's computer, which ran an ABIT motherboard. Seeing engineering ingenuity on that product, whatever it be relocation of thermal load by heatpipes, excellent simple-to-use BIOS and a very good layout… as Heraclitus said it the best, Panta chorei kai ouden menei – everything changes and nothing remains still.

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