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ABIT AA8XE Pencil Voltage Mods

The plain Jane Abit AA8XE is a very good overclocking board, and only loses
out to the Fatality version due to its limited voltage options. VR-Zone shows you how with the humble pencil to even increase the VCore and VDDR.

The plain Jane Abit AA8XE is a very good overclocking board, and only loses
out to the Fatality version due to its limited voltage options. However, some
easy voltage mods will get your board to keep up with any of the Fatality boards
out there. VR-Zone shows you how!

For V-Core voltage mod in the event that you are using some extreme cooling
on your LGA processors, look right beside the DIMM slot 1 and locate the
regulator chip ISL6556B.

Solder on a 200K ohms variable resistor to the chip leg as shown above, or
alternatively solder it to the side of R32 as shown. DO NOT solder twice, just
choose one. The 200K ohms VR should be set at maximum resistance of 200K ohms
with its other leg connected to ground. Lower resistance of VR to increase
voltage… do it slowly and carefully. You can monitor the Vcore in the bios
Uguru. Set vcore to default vcore before booting up.

For the DDR2 voltage mod, locate the winbond chip right below the DIMM slots:

Now, you can choose to solder a 50K ohms VR across the resistor marked R605
above. Set the 50K ohms VR at maximum resistance of 50K ohms and tune down
resistance slowly to increase voltage.

Alternatively, you can mod it with just a pencil, by penciling R605 as shown
above by the blue line. Original resistance of R605 is 3.84K ohms. Reduce it to
around 3.18K ohms for a 0.2v increase. Pencil stroke by stroke to reduce
resistance, measuring the resistance in between strokes. This will give a
maximum of 2.4v on the board. Remember to set the VDDR to default before you mod

You can monitor the VDDR2 in the uguru bios or use a multimeter with the red
tip to the mosfet leg as shown below, and the black tip to any grounded spot.

The mosfet is located at the top right hand corner of the board.

I will be doing some further tests on this board with some new memory after
the voltage mod. Drop by our forums
to see the results.

Previous extreme overclocking experiences on the Abit AA8XE can be found





Look out for the testing of some of the fastest DDR2 memory out there by
Corsair in the next few days!


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