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Aaaand 128GB Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ options are gone

Not out of stock gone, but gone, gone, as Samsung owns up to website blunder.


The curious case of Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ storage configurations is far from closed, with digital hoarders back to hoping for a miracle after the disappearance of the answer to their prayers. Sorry, data collectors, it seems Sammy erroneously listed the two premium phablets as coming soon in 128GB variants.

Currently, the Korean device manufacturer’s US portal only shows the 5.7 inchers as packing 32 and 64GB internal space across all big four carriers. That might inconvenience some folks, given neither phone allows external microSD expansion.

Meanwhile, it’s true that the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge are capped at 32 gigs, but both aging powerhouse Androids offer additional 128GB via fairly affordable microSD cards. And the non-expandable S6 and S6 Edge cost as little as $660 and $760 respectively through T-Mobile in top-of-the-line configs.

S6 Edge+ Note 5 storage

Think that’s pricey? Wait until the 32GB GNote 5 and S6 Edge+ start shipping, at around $700 and $800 a pop. Which in part explains why Samsung axed 128GB models. Would you have been willing to pay $900 or $1,000 for them? Exactly.

Bottom line, the world-leading OEM dug itself into a hole when designing these beautiful, highly advanced new phones, and there’s no easy way to get out of the pickle. Unless that “leaked” dual SIM Note 5 from last week was real, and is still headed for certain emerging markets, chiefly in Asia.

Source: Cnet

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