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A8 iPhone 6 processor will reportedly have 1GB RAM

Alleged details of the next generation iPhone have emerged online today, its A8 processor may be accompanied by 1GB of RAM.


Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 6 next month, like last year it may unveil two new models. Both will be powered by the company’s A8 processor. Questions have been asked many times about the RAM that will accompany the chip and leaked schematics today might finally answer those questions.

The first time that Apple introduced 1GB RAM in a mobile device was back in 2012 when the iPad 3 was released. Later that year the A6 processor in iPhone 5 also brought along 1GB of RAM. While this year’s new iPhones are expected to bring some of the biggest changes for the franchise ever, it looks like Apple may not be increasing RAM, even though most of its rivals have crossed the 2GB mark.

There might be a reason behind this. RAM constantly consumes power and it needs to be readily available for any and all programs that the users launches. Keeping the amount of RAM will offer relative improvements for battery life, but obviously there are some downsides as well, for example background tasks have to be closed and mobile Safari has to refresh tabs when its brought out of the background.

Some rumors also claim that perhaps the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will bring a processor that’s clocked at a higher speed and may even bring greater RAM. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed any of this as yet so we’d be better off waiting for the iPhone 6 event, which is expected to take place on September 9th.

Source: Weibo

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