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A4Tech X-718 Gaming Mouse

A4Tech sends us their X-718 gaming mouse, a 2000dpi foray into the high-end mouse market. Can it stand up to established players such as Razer and Logitech?


For a long time, A4Tech has been associated with peripherals that cater to mainstream users. The X-718 is A4Tech’s foray into the gaming mouse market. Incorporating a 2000dpi sensor and a dedicated button for changing dpi, will it be able to stand up against the more well-known gaming mouse?


The specifications of the A4Tech X-718, according to A4Tech, are as follows:

Product Dimension
Mouse: 4.6L x 2.5W x 1.3H in

Package Contents
A4tech X-718 Mouse
SMART-x7 Driver(CD)
USB or PS2 mouse port
Three-year limited warranty

Packaging & Bundle

The X-718 comes in a box that bears a striking resemblance to Razer’s packaging. The features of the X-718 are splashed on virtually every side of the box. A proprietary mouse testing program from A4Tech, miceJUDGE, is also advertised on one side. On the box, the X-718 is claimed to have scored 95 marks in the miceJUDGE program, but one should not buy into the marketing just yet.

Opening the box, we find the X-718 mouse neatly packaged in plastic blister packing, along with a driver CD and a USB-to-PS2 converter. Nothing really special here, but before we move on, we would like to take a closer look at the warranty period.

The box states a warranty period of 24 months, or two years. However, A4Tech’s website states that the X-718 has 3 years of limited warranty. This appears to be a mess-up somewhere along the line. It would be good if A4Tech csn clear up the confusion.

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