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A Walkabout in SLS (1-4-2006)

It’s the usual SLS Walkabout article once again, look here to keep yourself updated in the latest trends around Sim Lim Square!

It’s been another week, and we’re back into Sim Lim Square to report on the
latest and most interesting computer and related peripherals, right from it’s


One of the new arrivals this week would be the ASUS EN7600GS Silent.
Right after the launch of the 7600GT, NVIDIA has introduced another “GS”
variation to the 7600 family of GPUs. This new “GS” card is a slower card
when compared against the 7600GT, but it’ll be a cheap and very cool
running card – targeted primarily at HTPC setups which don’t require much GPU power especially in the 3D segment. This card from ASUS, like it’s name
suggests, is a silent running card with no moving parts at all. Instead of a
usual fan that cools down the core, ASUS deployed a rather large heatsink
over both the core and the memory, to provide passive cooling. For those who’re
looking for a relatively cheap but silent card for your noiseless PC setup, you
can get it at Fuwell at $ 299.


This is how the ASUS EN7600GS Silent is packaged. Large box
from ASUS – as usual.


This is how the card looks like. With a large passive
heatsink covering both the core and the memory, this card doesn’t have any
moving parts that would produce any form of noise.


This is how the back of the card looks like. It has a
protruding portion of the heatsink, probably to increase the amount of surface
area needed to dissipate heat.


Being an entry level card, it comes with the standard VGA and
DVI out, of course not forgetting the DIN TV out connector. This is much unlike
the usual 7600GTs we’ve seen, where GT cards comes with Dual DVI out.



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