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A Walk Around SLS (29-4-2005)

Once again, VR-Zone brings you the latests around Sim Lim Square, from the front line. Click here to get updated on the latest in Sim Lim Square!

Once again, VR-Zone is bringing you the latest news, about products, from the
most happening IT scene in Singapore, Sim Lim Square.

Ever thought of having an Intel chipset based motherboard, but have 2 PCIe
x16 slots, so you could have 2 video cards, not for SLi, but for multiple
monitor useage? There we have it, the Gigabye GA-8AENXP motherboard.
Based on the Intel 925XE chipset, the high light of this motherboard is the
inclusion of not 1, but 2 PCIe x16 slot. Found at ATF Multimedia, and
priced at $ 439, it’s a reasonable for such a high end and feature
packed board.

The very nice packaging of the box. As usual, the bombastic packaging that
catches our eyes.

The board itself. Notice that 2 PCIe x16 slots? Do note that if you’re not
interested in having the 2nd graphics card, you could have PCIe x1 cards plugged
into that PCI x16 slot. That orange slot beside the CPU socket is a proprietary
slot for Gigabyte’s DPS daughter card, for extra phases of power, for better
power stability.


A closer look at the 2 PCIe x16 slots. Sandwiched in the center is a shorter
PCIe x1 slot, for newer peripherals.


Dual Gigabit Marvell 88E8001 PCI could be found on this board. Not too bad…


The I/O panel on the back of the board. Looks pretty packed, as usual from
Gigabyte boards.


One of the included PCI backplate even includes Firewire B standard, offering
800mb/sec transfer rates!

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