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A Walk About SLS (23-7-2005)

It’s our weekly SLS Walk About, right here, at VR-Zone.


It’s back to our usual installment of the SLS Walk About, and this week, we
bring you some of the most radical CPUs and Motherboards that just appeared in

One of such new motherboard that sprung out very recently, is the ASUS
motherboard. Based on the slightly older Intel i915P chipset, this
board, like any other "X" series of ASUS boards, is actually a cut down, lost
cost version. Great for users on the budget, yet want that extra edge in
stability and performance, this is the board to go for. Back by ASUS’s well
known 3 years warranty, this has what it takes to be the best. Found in
Cybermind, this board goes for $ 229.

The packaging of the ASUS P5GD2-X. As usual, the trademark "X" series
packaging, no different from the rest.



A top view down of this board. Meant for the budget, this board is bare of


The silk screen name of the model on the board, with the PCB revision.
Revision 1.00 for this board we saw.


Like there higher end board, ASUS had added this Fanless MOSFET heatsink,
that is shaped to capture moving air expelled from the CPU.


The rear I/O ports available on this board.


A Marvell 99E8053 chip was found on this board, providing Gigabit LAN via
PCIe lanes.


Somehow, ASUS wants to fill up those empty spaces on the PCB with just


A label on the packaging, with a summary of the features available on this


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