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A Walk About in SLS (4-6-2005)

The usual installment of VR-Zone’s weekly Walk Abouts in SLS. Keep yourself updated with SLS’s latest product listings here!

Once again

Once again, VR-Zone brings the latest around Sim Lim Squre this Computex

First off, we spotted a couple of new motherboards over at ATF Multimedia.
One of them is this Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal. Based on the latest Intel i955X
chipset, this is the first motherboard based on the i955X chipset to land in
Singapore shores. Featuring excellent technologies like Dual Core support for
later Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition, Dolby Digital Master Studio 7.1
sound, U-DPS Plus (for Power), dual Gigabit LAN, and even Firewire "B" standard.
Priced at $ 469, this board is truly the board that’s feature packed to the brim.

The very large, yet eye catching box of the 8I955X. As per Gigabyte
tradition, their boxes were always among the biggest around…

The board from a Bird’s Eye view. Just a glance, it’ll tell you this is
really feature packed.


Gigabyte has always emphasized about innovating ideas and quality. Like in
this picture, very sturdy SATA connectors are available. No more broken or
flimsy SATA connectors.


With the addition of this Silicon Image Si3132 SATA II controller, 2 more
SATA II ports were added to the original 4 from the Intel ICH7R South Bridge.


The above mention Silicon Image SATA II controller powers these 2 SATA II


2 extra IDE connector, shown here, powered by the ITE GigaRAID 8212F ATA-133
RAID controller.


Not 1, but 2 of such Broadcom 5751 PCIe Gigabit Network controllers were
found on this board.


The specialty of Gigabyte motherboard, the U-DPS daughter card, providing
additional power phases to the CPU, for better stability. The latest incarnation
of the U-DPS, the U-DPS Plus also comes with a cute looking curved copper
heatsink, attached onto the aluminum base via a copper heat pipe.

The flipside of the U-DPS Plus daughter card.


Also, for this board, Gigabyte had included a special USB key, that would
protect other non authorized users to meddle with your system. This feature is
listed as Security DNA, and Gigabyte had included a whole package of security
softwares, which they call it, ShieldWare. This key double up as a Bluetooth
dongle for Bluetooth connectivity too!


The I/O rear connectors. Dual LAN, both Optical and Coaxial SPDIF out, all


And included as a PCI header, Firewire "B" connection, with transfer rates up
to 800 Mbps!



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