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A Walk About in SLS (20-5-2005)

It’s our usual Walk About, bring you the updates around Singapore’s largest IT shopping center, Sim Lim Square


It’s the start of the weekend once again, and we bring you the usual Walk
About in Sim Lim Square.

First, at Cybermind Computer House, we found the ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe.
Based on the newest Intel i945P, supporting newest dual core technologies from
Intel, this is the first i945P chipset based motherboard to land in Singapore.
Priced at $ 379, it’s a premium price to pay for a premium product.

The box of the P5LD2 Deluxe. Simple white, yet impressive looking.


The board itself. Trademark black for ASUS’s enthusiast line.


The I/O panels. Do note that under the large parallel port, there’s an
External SATA port, which ASUS calls it, E-SATA.


Dual PCIe x16 slots on this board…

And even a flexible bridge given in the package? Intel chipset for SLi


Large passive heatsink for Northbridge, Southbridge, and even on PWMs, for
noiseless operation. Great!


Talking about heat dissipation, the back of this board is covered with
another layer of PCB for cooling purposes. ASUS improved this cooling technique
to cover the whole board, thus, Stack Cool 2.


For those who are interested, this is the silkscreen label on the board, and
it’s Revision 1.02 for this motherboard.


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