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A Visit To ASUS Headquarters In Taipei


While VR-Zone was in Taipei for the official product launch of Jay Chou edition ASUS N-series laptop, we also got the chance to visit ASUS headquarters and check out some of the new products which are going to be launched soon. Read on.

Cecilia Huang, marketing director of ASUS, gave the media a deeper insight of the company and what it does.

"ASUS is a global technology leader in the digital era and we focus on the mastery of technological innovation and design perfection. And in ASUS, we are in search of the incredible. We have over 11,000 employees worldwide, with over 3,000 are in R&D, 77 support centres and 50 branch offices globally. Last year, we reached US$10.1 billion revenue and we target US$12 billion this year," Huang said.

The notebooks, Eee PC netbooks and desktops (including EeeTop and EeeBox PCs) account for 74.7 percent of ASUS' global revenue, while components like motherboards and LCD displays make up 24.2 percent; the remaining 1.1 percent come from other product categories.

Henry Lin, engineer of ASUS Golden Ear Team, was also present to talk about the company's proprietary SonicMaster technology and let the media listen to the difference in audio quality from ASUS laptop's speakers compared to conventional ones.

Michelle Hsiao, designer for ASUS, talked about working with the Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou on the special edition N-series laptop. Hsiao said that Chou began working with the ASUS design team earlier this year for a period of six months. The first production unit came out in April but because of color selections and corrections, the final approved version was out only in June. Here's a look inside the work room which is laid with the various design revisions.

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