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A peek into the new HP Labs in Singapore

 HP Labs

With cloud adoption on the rise, yesterday, HP Singapore invited the local media to its HP Labs and showcased some of their cloud innovation technology demos on display. VR-Zone was one of the media to have a look into the HP Labs that was opened in February last year.

Chris Whitney, chief technology officer, HP Singapore, and managing director of HP Labs Singapore, gave an introduction of the HP Labs and the work the company is doing here.

"Our focus is on cloud computing and our vision for this space is to create innovation with a purpose and we would like to see how innovation reach out and get there to change people's lives. When we opened the place (here in Fusionopolis), we are going to have two labs here. We opened Applied Research lab that is to take research to the next level and it is something we have been experimenting and trying, and to get it to the business unit, fast-track to the customer and get their feedback," Whitney said.

Kelly Tan, vice president and managing director, HP Singapore, said that the HP Labs here is focused on innovating, driving very scientific research to address customers' challenges as well as opportunities.

"What we hope to achieve out of here is beyond these innovations and expand to a broader eco-system, or business partners both inside and outside the company. In fact, HP Labs have been partnering various business entities to create a very unique opportunity what we called co-innovation. The Labs here have been helping very much in our sales and meeting the needs of our customers," Tan explained.

The local media also got the chance to check out some of the cloud-based projects such as SoMA, harvesting the collective information of social media for analysis and modeling, and also mobile health monitoring system designed for real time information sharing to help healthcare professionals in the early detection, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular conditions. According to HP, an 8-week trial for the mobile health monitoring system has been ongoing for 100 patients wearing a medical sensor (in the shape of a wristwatch shown above) that measures blood pressure every 15 minutes. The medical sensor is Bluetooth-capable and is wirelessly synchronized with the patient's smartphone and the monitored results are being sent back to the cloud whereby doctors and specialists would have access to the information.

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