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6th Gen Apple iPod Touch rumored to launch this year


Apple hasn’t introduced a new iPod Touch model since almost two years now. The iPod Touch 5th Gen runs on outdated hardware and doesn’t include many of the features that the new iPhones come with. This could change soon as a new report from AppleInsider claims Apple could launch a 6th Gen iPod Touch model later this year.

The report states Apple is considering updating its iPod lineup, although details are only available for the iPod Touch refresh. According to AppleInsider sources, the new iPod Touch model could feature the same 4-inch sized display as the current model. This isn’t confirmed though, so we could perhaps even see a 4.7-inch iPod Touch model with the same panel as the iPhone 6.

No other details about the 6th Gen iPod Touch are available currently but it is quite likely that the new iPod Touch model could get a newer chipset such as the Apple A7 and the TouchID sensor that is now pretty much a standard feature on the latest iOS devices.

One of the main reasons why Apple hasn’t bothered launching new iPod models is the fact that sales of Apple iPods have steadily been declining. In Q4 2014 Apple managed to sell just 2.6 million units, clearly highlighting the fact the market for dedicated audio players such as the iPod is dwindling quickly as people now prefer to use their smartphone as their media player instead of going for a dedicated player.

Source: AppleInsider

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