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For $600,000 You Can Own a Transformer

A car which turns into a robot can be yours at an Abu Dhabi auction.


Antimon is a car unlike any other. On the outside, it looks like a BMW 3 series, but in 30 seconds flat, it can transform into a giant bipedal robot. The creation is the result of eleven months of work from twelve engineers and four technicians. “We want to show our power all over the world,” said Turgat Alpagot, sales and marketing director for Letrons, the Turkish startup behind the transformer. “We think if we do something like this it’ll get great exposure all over the world.”

Antimon is up for auction at the Big Boys Toys exhibition in the UAE capital, and the highest bid gets to take the robot home. You’ll need at least $600,000 to take part in the auction, and Alpagot says he’s already received several bids. The company has also received interest from theme parks and shows hoping to rent the transformer.

Unfortunately, whoever ends up taking the robot home at the end of the exhibition, won’t be able to drive it there. The car isn’t road legal and it isn’t possible to drive it as you would a normal car. However, Antimon is remote controlled and can drive around at speeds of 20km/h. In robot mode, its movement is further restricted: It can’t walk, but it can move its arms, fingers and head.

Letrons has stated that the transformer is the first in a series of twelve models, and that the others are currently in research and development. The company has also expressed an interest in producing smaller, more affordable transformers that can be driven and are road legal.

source: CNN

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