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6 Things You Need To Know About the New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple does not disappoint with its all new revamped and enhanced MacBook Pro. If you are not already sold on its super sleek aesthetics and processor upgrades, then maybe its new key features might. Here is a summary of the 6 things you need to know about the new Apple MacBook Pro, before you get your hands on them.


New Touch Bar

Perhaps the biggest change to the new MacBook Pro is the new Touch Bar with replaces the regular top row of buttons on the new MacBook Pro. Essentially, this intuitive Touch Bar changes its available options according to what programme you are currently using on your MacBook Pro. It allows you to answer phone or video calls, gives you access to function keys and customise your quick access system control bar.


New Touch ID

This has been seen on many Windows computers, but something totally new for Apple. The new Touch ID is actually a fingerprint scanner, similar to that of the one you find on your iPhone. This adds a new level of security when accessing your computer or when using Apple Pay when making purchases online.


Improved Retina Display

See pictures and watch movies in greater detail and more life-like colours than before with an all-improved display. The new MacBook Pro’s display has a larger colour gamut and 500 nits of brightness, 25 more colours than sRGB and 67 per cent higher contrast ratio. Best part of it all, the LEDs are now more power efficient and consume almost 30 percent less battery than before.


Available in 3 Variants

The new MacBook Pro is available in two different sizes and three different variants. It is available in either 13” or 15”, both with the stunning improved Retina Display. The 13” variant comes in two different variants, one with the Touch Bar and Touch ID and the other without. The 15” variant on the other hand only has one variant which includes the Touch Bar and Touch ID. In addition to that the new MacBook Pro has two colour options, Silver or Space Grey.


Thinner and Lighter

As compared to the previous MacBook Pro, this revamped model is thinner by almost 17% which also means it just got lighter. Unless you customise your Macbook Pro, both 13” variants are just 1.49cm thin and weigh just 1.37kg, while the 15” is 15.5mm thin and weighs 1.83kg.


Enhanced Thunderbolts

Equipped with the newest Thunderbolt 3, get ready for faster data transfers and better displays. This new port can support data transfers of up to 40 Gbps and external projection for up to two 5K displays. For those who do not already know a Thunderbolt is pretty much a USB Type C, so one port allows you to project, charge and data transfer – instead of having multiple ports. Yes this means, Apple has also taken away the regular USB ports we are all so used to (although we can take comfort in the fact that Apple did not take away the 3.5mm audio jack).


Availability and Price

As gorgeous as the new MacBook Pro may be, its prices definitely do not come cheap. The basic 13” variant has prices starting from SG$2,188, while the 13” and 15” variant with Touch Bar and Touch ID has prices starting from SG$2,588 and SG$3,388 respectively. The basic 13” variant will be available in Singapore starting today, while the other variants and customised sets will start shipping in about two to three weeks time.

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