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5 Nintendo DS Games that should totally have their own Switch versions

The Nintendo DS has been around for almost it’s 14th year now and the massive library of games is ever growing. Just last month the highly rated WarioWare Gold was released. However, when it comes to the latest Nintendo console, the switch, it’s evident that the Switch only has a few hundred games, most being 2D Indie games that we Switch users have grown tired of. A

1. Lost in the Blue series

For a game that just received average scores by critics, it’s wildly fun and unique. The Lost in the Blue (LITB) series is truly a survival game that was high stakes – as a survivor of a shipwreck you have to sustain not only yourself but your whole gang of survivors.

Collect recipes, cook dozens of meals and explore the deserted island that holds ancient secrets. If you love Stardew Valley you’ll definitely like this game. In every game, you start to discover the mysteries of the island and that’s when the really difficult puzzles start to plague you. Solving them isn’t easy with your thirst bar constantly going down, but the rewards are great. Imagining a new LITB game with a great story and much better graphics for the Switch is really exciting and I hope Konami will bring back this series.

2. Cooking Mama

The beloved Cooking Mama has yet to receive a game for the Nintendo Switch. I feel it’s currently in development but this straightforward game has won the hearts of many Nintendo players over the years and I can’t wait to cook with Mama and her family again.

3. Professor Layton Series

Probably the best puzzle story games to have ever graced Nintendo consoles, Professor Layton games charm everyone with the simple yet endearing art style, story and puzzles. Fans would be pleased to know there is already a Layton game for the Switch, it’s Layton’s daughter Katrielle in her own game, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. The game has been released for Nintendo 3DS and iOS and the Switch port for Japan has been out for some months! I hope that the English version will come soon.
Other than that I wish that the Switch would get its own Layton game. Level-5 (the developer of the games) has said that they would make a Layton game for the Switch but the Layton games heavily rely on touch inputs with the stylus for the puzzles. While this is no problem for using the Switch in handheld mode, playing docked its next to impossible. Level-5 noted if a workaround has been made a Layton game would definitely be out in a matter of time.

4. Mini Ninjas

This beautiful adventure game took me by surprise when I first played it on the DS.

The story follows the young ninja Hiro, the last hope to rescue and defeat the evil Samurai. Along the way, he rescues his comrades and they join him on his journey to defeat the evil Samurai Warlord. Everyone on the team has different abilities and stats which makes wiping out the minion samurais never dull and exploring the open world a lovely experience.

This, combined with the little puzzles hidden throughout the journey makes the game an unforgettable experience. Think of it as an Okami x Breath of the Wild game! Definitely a must purchase if it ever comes to the Switch.

5. Rhythm Heaven

While the Switch has a handful of rhythm games, it doesn’t carry one even close to Rhythm Heaven. This cute and colourful game can give players hours of fun of intense listening and button mashing to unlock the next game and the next game and yes, the next game.

From Matiasm97’s YouTube

A Switch version should support multiplayer so everyone can blame the noob in the team for failing the whole minigame. Rhythm Heaven Switch would be a party hit that would be in everyone’s library.

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  1. In fact, this is almost all my favorite games for this platform, thanks for the reminder and this rating

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