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5 Gadgets For Coronavirus Survival – Hygiene Products To Rid Germs With Tech

Coronavirus hygiene products and gadgets to kill germs

The whole world is months into this coronavirus pandemic, and amidst the lockdowns and bi-weekly grocery runs, hygiene products and gadgets will help you be extra careful when pushing buttons and holding handrails.

To help you in your quest to remain germ-free and safe from infection, here are 5 hygiene products and gadgets that will help kill germs.

1. KeySmart Cleankey antimicrobial hand tool

The Keysmart Cleankey tool will help you avoid contact with common surfaces. Image: Keysmart

At USD 20, the Keysmart Cleankey is a nifty gadget that you can easily slip into your pocket or keep attached to your bunch of keys.

Ergonomically shaped to push buttons, operate door handles and even navigate touch-sensitive ATM screens, the Cleankey allows you to easily avoid directly coming into contact with common surfaces.

The Cleankey is also constructed from antimicrobial 260 brass alloy which eliminates 99.9% of all pathogens within 2 hours of contact.

2. PhoneSoap UV phone sanitizer

Sanitize your phone while it charges with PhoneSoap.
Image: PhoneSoap

Whether we’re eating, sleeping or in the loo, our phones constantly follow us around our daily lives. Little wonder, then, that studies have consistently found that our beloved gadgets can be dirtier than a toilet seat several times over – contaminated with yeasts, moulds, and even faecal bacteria.

To deal with this crappy problem on our hands, UV phone sanitizers like PhoneSoap have become all the rage as we remain embattled against COVID-19 across the globe. To use them, simply pop your phone into the box, where germicidal UV-C lights will rid every surface of 99.9% of germs.

3. Hand sanitiser bottle with bag strap

FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottle – Matador
Image: Matador

Even though it’s the surest way to rid your hands from germs, handwashing with soap isn’t always possible.

Hand sanitizers are a good alternative, but keeping a tiny squeeze bottle buried in your bag means that you risk contaminating your other belongings as you dig around your bag.

The solution? A nifty squeeze bottle you can clip on your bag for easy access without any fumbling. An alternative would be silicone holders for the small tubes of hand sanitiser that also go for next to nothing, but consider reusing them to reduce waste!

4. Camelbak All Clear self-sanitising water canteen

Image: Camelbak

If you’re keen on ensuring your hydration is sanitary, the Camelbak All Clear has an inbuilt UV-C light that sanitises the bottle and its contents before you drink up.

While it might be useful to make sure there are no dangerous pathogens during this COVID-19 pandemic, the All Clear would work well for outdoor use. Fill up the bottle from a stream

5. Virustatic Shield mask alternatives

Image: Virustatic Shield

Halfway between a scarf and balaclava, the Virustatic Shield protects your vulnerable orifices like your nose, mouth and ears. It’s more than a fabric covering, with an antiviral coating that kills 96% of airborne viruses on contact.

The protein coating is durable enough to last for three washes before disposal, and is safe to touch to prevent cross-contamination.

Coronavirus gadgets to kill germs and improve hygiene

While nothing beats good old personal hygiene habits like handwashing and wearing a mask, these useful gadgets will definitely help keep you safe from germs and other pathogens around us.

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

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