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Tech geeks, are weird, but we sure know how to invent cool stuff. As 2016 comes to a close, let us show you some of the coolest tech products this year. Whether it’s bizarre or awesome, we’ll leave it to you to decide.



No one likes waking up. It’s probably the worst part of the day. Blaring alarms and vibrating wrist gadgets are just a few of the ways inventors and engineers have come up with to jolt you out of bed in the morning. SensorWake on the other hand, thinks it’s lame. It’s got a better idea. Now that touch and hearing have both been used by other companies to wake you up, it’s going to use your sense of smell. The only reason that makes me get out of bed willingly, is an awesome breakfast. SensorWake is going to use my weakness against me and periodically push out the smell of coffee and croissants to tempt me out of bed despite my attempts to go low-carb.



The perfect cocktail in 5 seconds. SomaBar has made it its mission to turn bartenders into the next victims of automation. This robotic bartender, which can be controlled by your app, is built to concoct up the ideal alcoholic drink for your evening, or pretty much any time of the day. Other than buying this machine, you have to, of course, buy the necessary ingredients such as Vodka, Sprite and what not. I’m not sure if this will kick off in Singapore and if it does, will there be an alcohol tax on it?



Credits: Gadget Flow
Credits: Gadget Flow

You love playing games, your pet does too. However, you are probably too busy engaging in the rat race to spend time with your dog. Let’s face it, you guys are inconsiderate pet owners, selfish metropolis dwellers. I kid. But CleverPet works by playing games with your pets, intellectually stimulating ones much like Simon Says and if your pet gets it right, it gets fed. Positive reinforcement pretty much. Ut claims that this machine will make your pet smarter too. I’m not sure how legitimate these claims are, but a less lonely and a somewhat smarter pet, is something most pet owners would find useful for sure.



Do you hate it when you leave your umbrella at home and it’s about to rain? Yea, I hate that feeling too. With Oombrella, the smart-brella, you don’t have to worry about it. This smart umbrella knows when it’s about to rain, and it will remind you not to leave it behind. Smart homes are overrated, smart living, is the true future of technology.

4Moms Infant Car Seat


Parenting is hard enough, and it is distracting to have a baby crying in the backseat. This luxurious ergonomic infant car seat automatically levels and tensions. It adjusts as the baby grows and ensures
harness is always threaded correctly. If you are looking for a car seat that will keep your baby safe and comfy using the latest technology you can find today, look no further.

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