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5 of the Best iPhone Photography Accessories

The iPhone is known for its impressive camera and is often touted to have the best camera on the market. No so much with the Google Pixel now dominating the industry, but the iPhones have arguably the second-best cameras out there. So why not make the most out of your iPhone and use these accessories to supercharge your device and turn it into a mobile sharpshooter?

Moment Macro Lens

Smartphone cameras do well at a medium length, taking close-ups or zoomed-in photos are a horrible idea, even with a smartphone. However, with Macro lenses, you can correct this. Moment lenses allow you to take close up photos without losing photo detail and quality. These lenses allow you to get 10x times closer to your subject, so if you want to take an awesome close-up, grab a Moment Lens.

Kogeto Dot

Do you like shooting 360-degree photos? If you do, then you will like the Kogeto Dot. The Kogeto Dot is a mount-on device that, get this, let’s you shoot videos in 360. You do have to pan the camera around though, but documenting your travels and trips with these videos are just so much better if you could relive the sight and sounds in 360 isn’t it?

Watershot Pro

The iPhone 7 is waterproof, but its waterproof rating is not that spectacular, and not everyone owns one. However, with a waterproof iPhone case, you won’t only be able to take excellent landscapes, but excellent underwater-scapes too. The frolicking swimmers in the pool, beautiful corals and even adventurous surfers, are now all part of your shooting scope.

Lollipop Tripod

If you want to take an OOTD, but you have no one around to do it for you, how do you indulge your narcissistic self? Use a tripod. However, lugging around a heavy tripod just to take OOTDs on-the-go is a bit too much for us to handle, so why not consider using the Lollipop Tripod? It’s compact build lets it shrink to a tiny size and it can even fit within your backpack!

CamLapse Mobile

If you want to take a legit panaroma shot and you don’t want skewed photos, grab the CamLapse. It automatically helps you with taking steady panaroma shots and even time-lapse videos for you. Its counter-clockwise panning ability that can rotate up to 360-degrees in 60-minutes!

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