Best Apple Watch faces and apps

It’s beyond question that the Apple Watch leads the wearable market with its comprehensive set of easily-accessed features. With everything from on-wrist ECG, ambient noise monitoring and weather apps, there really might be an app, complication, and watch face for every purpose.

But there’s no need to pick and choose, since you can easily swipe between watch faces for you different tasks and needs throughout the day. Covering all the bases, here are the 5 best Apple Watch faces to meet your aesthetic and utilitarian needs – even during this COVID-19 period.

Note: These faces are available on the Apple Watch Series 5.

1. Infograph Modular – comprehensive weather monitoring 

Image: Screengrab on Apple Watch by Ian Ling

Apart from telling the point, one of the most prominent functions of the Apple Watch is delivering comprehensive weather information at a glance. Especially in rain-prone Singapore, it’s never a bad thing to know how likely it is for a sudden deluge to open up overhead.

For this, the Infograph Modular face on the Apple Watch does the trick. With three circular infograph modules. I’ve found keeping a Solar complication up top helps keep track of time while cooped up at home in self-isolation.

Right in the middle is a useful forecast for the next four hours, while three more dedicated modules present precipitation, wind and temperature information a little better.

2. Solar Dial – keep track of the day while indoors

Image: Screengrab on Apple Watch by Ian Ling

The usefulness of the solar dial while cooped up indoors really cannot be understated, especially if you don’t have a good view of the sun throughout the day. With at-a-glance information the position of the sun, the Solar Dial is a handy way to maintain your circadian rhythm during this time.

On the large dial, the watch demarcates day and night with light and dark blue zones, with a mini sun tracking around the dial. Spinning the Digital Crown helps you find out the exact timings for Civil, Nautical and Astronomical twilights, too.

Image: Ian Ling

Four infograph corner complications help add a little more utility. I’ve chosen date, temperature, and Sun and Moon phase information in line with the diurnal theme.

3. Infograph – 9 complications

Image: Screenshot on Apple Watch by Ian Ling

With the larger screen sizes on the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, the Infograph complication had become the best way to squeeze the most utility out of your watch while still maintaining legibility. 

On this starkly utilitarian yet oddly attractive dial are four infograph corner modules, four infograph circle subdials at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions, and an infograph top text complication along the minute markers up top.

Image: Ian Ling

I’ve filled all complications up with stock apps that accompany the Apple Watch, with the exception of the 6 o’clock one which is a handy dial by Pedometer that lets you easily keep track of your steps for the day. 

4. California – sleek, stylish watch face

Image: Screenshot on Apple Watch by Ian Ling

For those with style in mind, the full-screen Califonia watch face should be at the top of your considerations. Popularised by horological cult favourites like the Panerai Radiomir Califonia, the Nomos Glashütte Club, the half-Arabic, half-Roman numerals on the California dial is unmistakably sophisticated.

With an option of Navy Blue, Cream, Pale Pink, White and Black watch faces, the California dial does look rather swanky at social events (remember these?). In addition to legibility, you get to choose two additional complications – I’ve chosen a day-date indicator at 12 o’clock and a moon phase at the 6 o’clock as an ironic homage to luxury timepieces.

5. Siri – adaptive watch face for updates and reminders at a glance

The Siri watch face makes the most of Apple’s Siri AI smarts to keep you up to speed with your daily habits. Image: Screenshot on Apple Watch by Ian Ling

Maintaining your daily routine can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to be productive while working from home. The Siri watch face on the Apple Watch adapts intelligently to your daily routine, helping you nail your daily objectives and making sure you don’t forget important tasks along the way.

In addition to the time, there’s a tiny ticker that’s large enough to display concise read-outs, but I prefer having a day-date indicator at hand. To the left is a space for a small modular complication, which I’ve delegated Watchsmith to – a small custom Sunlight Dial to keep track of daylight hours for sanity’s sake.

The bottom two-thirds of the watch face, however, will change intelligently according to the time of day, your habits and other information. News updates, stock movements and health metrics will all appear here. If you’re looking for more, simply spin the Digital Crown to access a curated collection of personalised updates and reminders.

Best Apple Watch faces and apps

With the Apple Watch allowing you to easily switch between watch faces for different tasks and activities through the day, these 5 best Apple Watch faces and apps will allow you to stay on top of your goals and tasks even while self-isolating indoors through the day.

Ian Ling
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