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The surprise launch of AirTags at the Apple April Spring Loaded event sent absent-minded souls everywhere scrambling to gather their belongings to tag em’ all. Starting at USD 29 (SGD 45) per AirTag, they’re also available in a pack of four for USD 99 (SGD 149) for about 15% in savings per gadget. 

To attach these sleek tracking pucks securely to a variety of items, you could opt for Apple’s Leather Key Ring (S$55) or Leather Loop (S$59), or even the AirTag Hermes Key Ring (S$519) or Luggage Tag (S$649). But for a more cost-effective solution, and for a variety of use cases, these third-party AirTags accessories might help you find a use for those extra units.

1. Cheaper silicone tags –use AirTags on a budget

AirTag sleeves in red, white and blue. Image: Weibo

With their sleek design and power-packed set of features, AirTags might be well-worth their cost, but if price is a concern, these silicone AirTag sleeves (S$1.99) can help you save big. Available in a variety of colours, the TPE silicone material is soft to the touch and food safe, making it also an ideal option if you’re looking to pop this on your pet’s collar.

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2. Adhesive tag pouches –track any object with a flat surface

Image: Catnot

We’re only starting to dream up of new ways to use the AirTags, and these adhesive AirTag pouches ($2.17) will let you track a litany of miscellaneous objects – like remote controls. Bicycle owners can even use this to hide an AirTag under the saddle as a safeguard against bike thieves and the like.

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3. Caseology Vault – rugged AirTags holder with carabiner

Image: Caseology

Pricier options in vegetable-tanned leather and chrome are indeed more premium, but for those who need something more robust, try the Caseology Vault (US$19.99, ≈S$26.52). This sandstone-textured AirTag holder comes in matte black and clips securely to your everyday carry.

Get Caseology Vault

4. Nomad Glasses Strap For AirTag – track shades and eyewear

Image: Nomad

While loops, keychains, and adhesive pads work well for the vast majority of our belongings, those who’ve experienced losing their glasses or shades can opt for the Moment Glasses Strap for AirTags (US$39.95, ≈S$52.99).

Designed to be unobtrusive, the strap holds an AirTag in a TPU capsule within a round tensioner, while three attachment points accommodate a wide range of glasses types and sizes.

Get Nomad Glasses Strap for AirTag

5. Nomad Leather Loop – premium yet subtle look

Image: Nomad

For a step above Apple’s leather AirTags accessories, opt for the Nomad Leather Loop (US$19.95, ≈S$25.45) – a super-slim minimalist device that uses 3M adhesives to hold your AirTag securely while only adding slightly more than 2MM of thickness to the form factor. It features a Horween leather loop available in Rustic Brown, Black and Natural that’s known to age well, too.

Another option from Nomad, the Leather Keychain (US$29.95, ≈S$39.73), is also a low-key addition that comes in Rustic Brown and Black that completely encapsulates the AirTag module – great if you’re worried potential thieves might notice the tracker and discard it.

Get Nomad Leather Keychain

Cheaper and unique third party Apple AirTags accessories

Whether you’re on a budget or are looking for gadgets to help track all your belongings, these third-party Apple AirTags accessories are some of the most unique and innovative ones out there. From bags, pets to random items that always seem to go missing, with Apple’s AirTags, you’ll never have to hunt around again.

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  5. Another option from Nomad, the Leather Keychain (US$29.95, ≈S$39.73), is also a low-key addition that comes in Rustic Brown and Black that completely encapsulates the AirTag module – great if you’re worried potential thieves might notice the tracker and discard it.

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