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5.5-inch ‘iPhone 6L’ tipped as 2,915 mAh battery beast, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 packs 1,810 mAh

With a little over three weeks reportedly left until Apple finally brings to light the greatly anticipated iPhone 6 pair, the battery capacity puzzle seems fully settled, although the latest purported leaks out of Asia, like all Asian leaks, have to be taken with prudence.

iPhone 6

For a perennially vigilant tech giant vis-à-vis unauthorized spills of information, we must say Apple’s really dropped the ball this year, being unable to contain the constant seeping of juicy iPhone 6 intel. The imminent iOS-based iWatch wearable piece has itself been the subject of abundant leakage of late, while iPad Air and iPad mini 2’s sequels have kept a much lower profile in the rumor mill, but mostly because, well, they’re not that interesting.

Not compared to the “iPhablets”, that much is for sure, with consensus out of the gossip pits that we’re looking at a smaller, lower-end 4.7-inch version, and larger, beefier 5.5 incher. The latter should among others replace Gorilla Glass screen coating with sapphire protection, which may prompt a bit of a manufacturing delay.

But there’s no reason to panic just yet, as we’ve heard many stories of setbacks, some going so far as to claim the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would roll out in 2015, but just as many saying everything will go according to the original plan.

iPhone 6 battery

Which is to unveil both iPhone 5s follow-ups in early September, and then start selling them one, two weeks later. Aside from the sapphire upgrade, processing speed, screen resolution and battery life bumps seem like no-brainers, with that last tidbit detailed in fresh reports via Apple Daily Taiwan.

According to the notoriously leaky blog, the larger iPhone 6, purportedly dubbed iPhone 6L, packs a 2,915 mAh juicer in a very advanced prototype form, whereas the smaller model, simply called the iPhone 6, carries a 1,810 mAh ticker that made the rumor rounds a couple of times before.

The publication even backs up its claims with seemingly legitimate photos of iPhone 6 internals, although I guess it goes without saying it’d be pretty easy to fake the battery images. If real, don’t expect actual significant autonomy improvements compared to the iPhone 5s, since yes, the cells are beefed up, but so is size and display resolution.

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