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4G Motorola Moto G now official, priced at $219 with microSD card slot

Hot on the heels of the dirt-cheap Moto E, the 4G LTE Motorola Moto G has gone official, with pre-orders already live but shipping dates undisclosed.

Moto G LTE

The inevitable just happened. In its bid to find the perfect “priced for all” smartphone formula, Motorola has enriched the company’s low-cost product portfolio with an LTE-enabled Moto G.

But the unthinkable also happened. The 4G Moto G, unlike the 3G-only flavor and even the much costlier X, incorporates a microSD card slot, allowing users to expand on the gizmo’s limited 8 GB built-in storage with an additional external 32 gigs max.

All for a measly $219. Outright, unlocked, SIM-free and no carrier or contract restrictions included. Weirdly, the status of the 16 GB version is unclear, as Motorola’s website lists it at $20 extra, but says it’s “not available”. Not available for the moment or never to go on sale and the $20 premium is a glitch?

Moto G 4G

We’d sure like the former to pan out, as 8 + 32 GB is, um, decent enough, I guess, whereas 16 + 32 downright dreamy. Besides, if money’s a problem ($240 ain’t so very cheap in the end), odds are Verizon or Boost Mobile will offer it with prepaid plans at $150 or so before long.

Meanwhile, the old, non-LTE, non-microSD variant continues to cost $179 in its 8 GB variation and $199 packed with 16 GB storage space. And for the record, yes, the 4G Moto G is headed to markets outside North America too (around 40 of them), probably starting at €200 or so.

How about it, bargain hunters, what Motorola concoction tickles your fancy the most? The E, 3G G or 4G G? Any power users keen on snubbing them all in favor of the imminent high-end, highly customizable X+1?

Source: Motorola Blog

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