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4 GB RAM + 4,000 mAh battery = Sub-$300 Lenovo K80 Lollipop smartphone

Watch out, Asus and Xiaomi, as this unexpectedly affordable high-end trooper goes straight for your Zenfone 2 and Mi Note Pro’s jugulars.

Lenovo K80

What in the world could you need 4 gigs of random-access memory inside a 5.5-inch handheld for? There are full-fledged computer users who probably never access as much RAM during their routine desktop activities, and we have to wonder just how many minimalistic Android games must one play at once to get past, say, the 2 GB memory mark.

Well, if you want to try that out for kicks every night before going to bed, Lenovo has you covered in a way Samsung or HTC don’t. Compared to Asus and Xiaomi, this increasingly bold Chinese OEM adds stellar battery life in the equation too, somehow still keeping the price low.

No, not relatively low, but low low. As in, a little over a third of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s market value. Specifically, the equivalent of $290 in Lenovo’s homeland – 1,799 CNY. We’ll assume they’re relying entirely on the daughter company’s Western popularity for smartphone profits.

Again, K80’s record… matching RAM count may feel unnecessary or overkill, but the 4,000 mAh cell will definitely come in handy. Exactly how big is that? 1,000 mAh north of Zenfone 2 and Mi Note Pro’s juicer capacity, and 100 mAh above the battery under Motorola Droid Turbo’s hood.

Lenovo K80-2

Mind you, the Turbo has to control a Quad HD screen and explosive Snapdragon 805 processor, whereas the Lenovo K80 will keep the lights on with 1,080p display resolution and a far more energy-efficient quad-core Intel Atom inside.

Speaking of, that’s clocked at 1.8 GHz, so likely a bit laggier than the 4 GB RAM Zenfone 2’s 2.3 GHz CPU. Other respectable features of Lenovo’s new durability champ include 64 GB internal storage (up to?), a 13 MP OIS rear-facing camera, 4G LTE speeds and, of course, pre-installed Android 5.0 Lollipop software with Vibe UI on top.

Coated in black, silver or red, and measuring roughly 8.5 mm thick, the K80 will go on sale April 30 in China. Hopefully, that’s only going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship worldwide spread. Oh, yeah, a 2 GB RAM variant shall also roll out in Asia in the near future at $240 or so.

Sources: Phone Arena, CNMO

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