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300,000 Foxconn workers produce 500,000 iPhone 5S units every single day

Amid reports that Apple has ramped up iPhone 5S production, it has been revealed that 300,000 Foxconn workers are churning out half a million iPhone 5S units every single day.


While it has consistently been rumored that Apple has had to cut iPhone 5C production due to lacklustre sales, it has been reiterated quite a few times that the iPhone 5S is doing quite well in the market, so much so that Apple has had to ramp up production. Foxconn is the primary manufacturer of the smartphone and it recently received orders to boost production. The company has tasked 300,000 of its workers with producing 500,000 units every day, the production line works around the clock.

Half a million units is actually Foxconn’s maximum output capacity. A company executive tells The Wall Street Journal that as many as 600 workers each are stationed at 100 individual production lines to put together Apple’s most sought after iPhone. The number of workers required is slightly higher than the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C, since assembly procedure for both smartphones is less complicated, each production line has about 500 workers.

Even though expanding its output capacity would serve its interests, Foxconn is reportedly reluctant to do so. With reports mounting that Apple is going to diversify its supplier base next year, its likely that manufacturers like Wistron and Pegatron might steal away some orders. Contract manufacturing for Apple currently generates about 40 percent of Foxconn’s revenue.

Source: WSJ

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