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3 Way SLI Revived: Asus Striker II Extreme NVIDIA 790i Motherboard

Asus has been pumping out “Striker” motherboards for a few generations of SLI-capable chipsets already. The third iteration is here, and it supports not just three way SLI, but third generation DDR memory as well. A potential enthusiast platform indeed, but will it live up to its promise?

End 2007, we looked at the Asus Striker II running 3-Way SLI and concluded that it was graphically overpowered – few would see benefits running it below 2560×1600 resolution with full blown AA and AF in most games. It was a good overclocking platform for the Quad Core processor, lacking just the DDR3 support to become the de-facto performance standard for the benchmarking enthusiasts.

Alas! NVIDIA was just playing the waiting game, releasing the last of 680i chipsets from their warehouses for the gamer who values memory quantity over speed. Now, the performance chipset from NVIDIA has finally arrived. The C73XE/MCP55P forms the 790i platform that supports everything speedy. DDR3, 3 Way SLI, and the usual connectivity.

With Asus engineers working their magic, we’re expecting a lot more from the Striker II Extreme than just any run-of-the-mill 790i motherboard. Nothing less than full-blown MCH abilities, cool SPP features, and not to forget, overclocking to embarrass Intel chipset motherboards. Will it outperform it’s predecessor’s track record? We hope!

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