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2019 Top 5 Desktop USB Microphones for Skype, Streaming, Vlogging and Podcasts

Microphones have come a long way from the 2000s when everyone was using those white plastic ones that yellowed from the sun’s rays. Today, headsets (headphones with a mic attached) are by far the more popular option when it comes to getting your voice on the computer.

However, almost all mainstream headsets have frankly abysmal sound quality compared to dedicated desktop mics. So let’s break away from that and give your gaming buds/conference callers/grandma the voice quality they all deserve. Bonus if you’re a gaming streamer, a vlogger/video creator, or dabble in podcast publication.

In this list, we cover the 5 best starter desktop microphones to get in 2019.

1. Neat Widget Microphone

This retro and wacky mic comes in three different variants but all are identical within. The Widget series all have tall stands and superb recording quality. Look out for the full review for the Neat Widget coming up soon.

2. Blue Snowball Ice

Without a doubt, this is the most classic desktop mic there is. The Blue Snowball Ice has been infinitely popular and it’s hard not to see why: an affordable price tag with great output quality.

3. Samson Go

Compact, cute, portable and affordable the Samson Go is amazing for on the go recordings and desktop ones too.

4. Audio Technica ATR2500-USB

The only mic on this list that looks like a modern mic is the ATR2500. This mic has been highly sought after, even years after its release. This mic can easily pick up your voice even if you’re a little soft. Recording up close to the USB microphone will always give you the best effect, as is the case with most other mics on this list.

5. Samson Meteor

It seems to be a requirement for the best USB mics to sport funky looks, and the Samson Meteor is no exception. This sleek, shiny, chromed mic has great audio quality that’s on par with the giants like the Blue Snowball.

All these 5 mics have their different quirks, capabilities and weaknesses recommended by us, and chosen by you! Pick the one you like most and tell us what you think.

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  1. just now I got the above micro phones for my institution…they are working really well.you can also try themm…know about Krogers for its online service

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