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2015 Apple TV model may not support 4K

If not now, then when?


The Apple TV set-top box is more than two years old now and the hardware is overdue for a refresh. Rumor has it that the company will unveil a new Apple TV set-top box at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2015. It’s expected to receive some major improvements as far as performance is concerned but those who have been looking out for 4K support in Apple TV may not get what they want with the 2015 model.

According to a report the 2015 Apple TV is not going to support 4K initially even though Ultra HD video is quickly gaining popularity due to the sheer clarity and sharpness that it offers. One source cited in the report claims that Apple is making this decision because “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy.”

One major reason for Apple to stay away from 4K right now could be the fact that there’s not just that much content available in 4K. Sure services like Netflix and Amazon have started streaming content in 4K but that’s just limited to a handful of markets. Plus to enjoy 4K content one requires a TV that’s capable of 4K playback and that in itself is an added expense.

Seeing as how things stand right now with regards to 4K it just might make sense for Apple to not include this feature for the sake of more features, not that customers are going to complain about it though.

Source: BuzzfeedNews

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