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2014 flagship Smartphones to have 2560×1600 resolution WQXGA panels

Flagships in 2014 are going to redefine the term “Retina” when 5 to 6 inch Smartphones begin offering iPad 4 like 1600p screen resolution.

Sharp WQXGA 1600p IGZO display

2012-13 saw the rise of high-resolution 1080p displays on meager 5-inch displays, gifting them with a mind-boggling 441 ppi pixel density. This feat, previously thought impossible, is soon going to be left in the dust with 2014 Smartphones welcome in 1600p panels, ushering in the era of 500+ ppi Smartphone displays.

While 2013 will be limited to 5-inch 1080p panels, 2014 will see the rise of 6-inch WQXGA 1600p (2560 x 1600 pixels) panels that will offer a pixel density beyond 500. Quick fact, the Google Nexus 10 is a 10.1-inch tablet that packs the same 1600p display resolution, just to give you an idea of how big this really is. 1080p panels saw a quick adoption, perhaps something that people hadn’t predicted. Why even sub-$200 Smartphones from China come packing a 1080p display and a quad-core SoC, no biggie really!

Nexus 10 WQXGA display

The Google Nexus 10: A 10.1-inch WQXGA panel

WQXGA displays won’t change our viewing experience much. Of course, theoretically everything should be much sharper, text much crisper owing to the higher resolution. But at 441 ppi, you can’t differentiate individual pixels anyway, a higher ppi display (500+) would end up consuming more power, and also require more processing juice to render the same objects.

Sharp’s 6.1-inch WQXGA IGZO panel in action

Perhaps if there were more 11-inch and 13-inch notebooks with such high-resolution displays, we would actually be able to count the benefits of having such technology at hand. Meanwhile, on phones, this is more gimmick than anything else.

Source: ET News

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