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2013 13 inch MacBook Air sees boost in battery life after OS X Mavericks update

Benchmarks tests reveal that OS X Mavericks’ power saving features are boosting battery life in compatible Macs, the biggest boost is seen in the 2013 13 inch MacBook Pro.


Apple unveiled OS X Mavericks at its Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year. Since then the update was in developer preview mode. Mavericks was finally released to the public on October 22 after months of waiting, millions of anxious Mac users around the world updated to the new OS X iteration as soon as it became available. Apple strayed from tradition this year and decided to offer OS X Mavericks update to all users for free.

In the benchmark test conducted, power saving features of OS X Mavericks were tested on a 2007 MacBook Pro as well as a 2013 13 inch MacBook Air. Both notebooks displayed increase in battery life after updating from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, with the Air reportedly seeing an improvement of 30 percent, which means roughly around 15 hours of battery life. Obviously the tests conducted don’t represent exactly how millions of users around the world use their Macs, rather they’re a testament to Apple’s continued efforts to make its OS more powerful and more efficient.

A number of features in Mavericks which specifically deal with power saving include Timer Coalescing, App Nap and Compressed Memory. All of these features have been designed to improve battery life. Timer Coalescing reduces CPU utilization by nearly 70 percent by combining low-level operations into a single batch. App Nap simply reduces the power usage of apps running the background. Compressed Memory compacts the least used processes so that the system does not have to spend more time reading and writing virtual memory swap files. Have you noticed battery life improvement after updated to OS X Mavericks?

Source: Macrumors

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