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$15 million iPhone 5 puts all other models to shame

There are expensive smartphones, and then there is Stuart Hughes' $15 million iPhone 5.  If you have the cash, it'll be shipped to you fast.

Demand for Apple iPhones have slipped in recent months, and the reason is Apple’s competitors have or will launch compelling alternatives that are perhaps ‘bigger’ and better than what Apple is offering.  The Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One handsets are both bigger, and arguably better, than the iPhone 5, but can they topple a $15 million iPhone that’s decked out with diamond and gold?

The Stuart Hughes luxury brand out of England has ‘redesigned’ the iPhone 5 to fit the image of all the rich and famous.  Instead of the conventional aluminum housing found in all ‘low-end’ iPhone 5’s, the Stuart Hughes iPhone instead has a solid gold housing.  Six hundred white diamonds give new meaning to the term ‘bling’, and 53 of these diamonds alone are dedicated to making the Apple logo on the backside shine like it never did before.

Not many individuals in the world have $15 million lying around the house and under the couch cushions, but if they did, what are the chances that the money will be spent on this horrendously pricy smartphone?


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