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128TB SSDs will be here in three years, according to Toshiba

Toshiba 128TB SSD

With Samsung announcing its 16TB SSD earlier this month, Toshiba is stating that new types of NAND memory would allow drives up to 128TB in size to be available as early as 2018.

At a recent event, Toshiba divulged details to launch 128TB SSDs by 2018, aiming to match Samsung’s 16TB offering this year. The vendor is looking to achieve drives with 32TB storage next year, continuing to double storage on a yearly basis.

Toshiba is looking to achieve higher storage densities in each die by switching to Quadruple Level Cell (QLC) and BiCS (bit cost scalable) 3D NAND flash, up from the 3-bit MLC currently utilized by Samsung. One downside of 4-bit cells is the added wear it will have on the hardware with time, which means that the vendor will be positioning the drives as ideal archival storage machines that will see relatively lighter loads.

Even if Toshiba were to manufacture a 128TB SSD by 2018, it will be in low yields with availability restricted to select customers.

Source: Nordic Hardware

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