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12-inch MacBook Air design details surface

All your ports are belong to us.

It has constantly been rumored since last year that Apple is working on a completely new MacBook Air model. This notebook is believed to have a 12-inch high resolution display. When the company’s MacBook lineup was refreshed in 2014 this particular model didn’t make an appearance, leading many to believe that Apple is holding off until 2015 before bringing it to the market.

Now a report has been published online which claims to provide several details about the 12-inch MacBook Air design. Apparently this notebook will come with a completely new design which will allow it to be thinner and lighter than any other Air before it. It is said that Apple will achieve this aim by removing all the standard USB, SD card, Thunderbolt ports and even the MagSafe power port. The ports will be replaced by USB type C port.

The upcoming MacBook Air is also said to come with an edge-to-edge keyboard something we have previously seen on Apple notebooks, the PowerBook had one, and the company may be looking to replicate it. This will make the notebook more narrow overall and Apple may also remove the component that causes the clicking sound in the trackpad all to make this as thin as possible.

The four speaker grills expected above the keyboard will not only provide sound duties but also double as ventilation to ensure that the notebook doesn’t run too hot.

Up till now Apple hasn’t confirmed that its working on an entirely new MacBook model so take the report with a grain of salt, even though it comes from a source that has been right on many accounts in the past.

Source: 9to5mac

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