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Build and Control Your Very Own Robot with this Ziro Smart Glove

If you love robotics, then get ready to jump for joy. The Ziro smart glove, produced by ZeroUI, promises to let you create the robots of your dream and even manipulate them.

This interesting smart glove has 3 components to it.

Firstly, a motorized module, secondly, a wireless glove which allows you to control that module and also an app which allows you to craft those modules into your robot. Using the Ziro app, you can program these modules and remotely control these creations with a smart glove that is meant to be worn single-handedly.

Zero UI’s Raja Jasti told CNET at CES 2017, that the Ziro smart glove targets kids and their creativity. Jasti mentioned that he seeks to empower children to invent and build robots out of anything, however, he emphasises the use of eco-friendly materials over plastic.

Seeing someone control a robot so easily with just their hand further motivates and reinvigorates Jasti’s passion for his cause. During a live demonstration, a man who was wearing the Ziro smart glove managed to move a robot that looked remarkably like a famous droid in a famous movie just by moving his own hand slightly forward. By twisting his hand in a circular motion. He made the robot spin in a circle like a ballerina.

The Ziro starter kit comes with a smart glove, two modules and also parts for a trike assembly base. For $150, the Ziro can be available for preorder from spring of 2017.

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