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How to make the Perfect Turntable – by Rega in England.

Planar3 - 2016 - NEU
The Rega Planar 3 in glossy Black.

Ever wondered how a turntable is made?

In this video, reporters from What Hi-Fi visited the Rega factory in England, to get a glimpse into how Rega’s popular Turntables are built from the ground up. Turns out that it is a simple but extremely tedious process! It was very interesting for me personally, because I own a vintage Rega P25 Turntable. I enjoy playing my favourite albums on it after a hard day’s work! To see the manufacturing process on video gave me more insight and appreciation for this solid workhorse.

A vintage Rega P25.

So, aside from its clean and simple design, why is Rega such a popular brand?

Turntables from Rega are popular for being easy to set up and use, right out of the box! When building Turntables, they are most known for excluding unnecessary components that do not contribute to better sound. Instead, priority is given to make sure that all the components are isolated well, to keep noise and vibrations from your music. Even the platter (the tray where your record sits on) is made of a single piece of rigid, perfectly-straight solid glass. Components are top quality for their price – you can enjoy a Rega for many years without it ever breaking down!


Their tonearms are recognised in the industry for its rigidity and friction-free movement, ensuring more accurate groove tracking regardless of the album being played. They are all built in house by Rega, of course.

No wonder the Rega P3 won What Hi-Fi’s product of the year award – five times!

Via: What Hi-Fi

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