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AirDroid: The Best Productivity App for Android Users?

I don’t like typing with my thumbs, and I don’t like reading from my smartphone. This is why I’m always on Telegram Web and WhatsApp Web. If there is a computer version of the app, I’m on it. Whilst smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, they are never big enough to make things smooth and easy on the eyes. Compared to desktops or laptop monitors, they are but a fraction of the screen size you find associated with computers. If you want to tap on the power of your computer’s monitor or keyboard, you need AirDroid.

This useful app on Android allows you to command your smartphone right from your computer, without having to stop your work on your laptop before unlocking your smartphone, replying a message, and hopping back on your laptop to continue working on your report.


Setting up AirDroid is easy. Just install the AirDroid app from the Play Store, then sign in using your Google account. Subesequently, either install AirDroid online via this link or use it on the browser and sign in using the same Google account. You can scan a QR code they provide or use a web IP address to sync your device and computer up. However, these 2 devices should be used on the same internet connection.

AirDroid is really useful since you can pretty much control your smartphone using a rather well-designed interface.

Here are just a few possible things you can do on AirDroid

  • View photos and videos
  • Transfer files between the computer and the phone
  • Browse through your variety of Android applications and install/uninstall apps
  • Read and send SMS
  • Copy text from smartphone to computer
  • Organize contacts
  • Check and delete call logs
  • Download and upload ringtones

Ever since I hopped onto AirDroid, I never really want to use that 5-inch smartphone again, if my computer around. But then again, whether or not it’s really useful would depend on how much you love your computer’s large screen and physical keyboard (or how much you hate typing with your thumbs).

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