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11-inch Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost Like The Real Deal

Steve Jobs would probably flip if he saw something like this, but when it comes to making lookalikes of popular devices, the ingenuity of Chinese OEMs cannot be doubted. And this time, it is the recently-released 11-inch Macbook Air which has been ‘retooled’ into the VAYEE HY118, complete with Apple branding and (gasp), standard hardware components.

As it goes, it is impossible to please everyone, and this is something which companies like Apple fully understand. After all, it cannot be denied that the company’s new 11-inch Macbook Air is definitely not meant for ‘everyone’. Rather, it is designed to cater for a specific crowd who demand the ultraportability offered by netbooks, but backed with the computational power of a standard notebook.

But what about the masses who just need an average netbook, while desiring something in a more visually-appealing package? That is where the Chinese OEMs come in, and one particular OEM known as VAYEE has apparently managed to pull off what must be the most accurate Macbook Air clone to date.

Of course, it is no where near the as thin as the actual McCoy, but for only US$260, the VAYEE HY118 will net you a netbook complete with an Intel Atom N450 processor, onboard Intel GMA 3150 graphics, 1GB of DDR2 Ram (upgradeable to 2GB). More importantly, the HY118 uses standard mobile hard disks, so feel free to take it apart and upgrade the hard disk as and when you see fit. Oh, and it also comes with a SIM card reader. Nice.

But here is a little twist to the story. While the 11-inch Macbook Air was only launched recently, this clone was already making its rounds in Shenzhen from as far back as June this year, complete with Apple logo and an Atom N270 processor. Looks like even clones need the occasional hardware refreshes every now and then.

Sources: VAYEE, Shanzhaiben

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