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“Biggest cyber attack in history” believed to be a hoax

It was just yesterday, that the news for the ‘world’s biggest ever cyber-attack’ circulated the web with catchy headlines and terrifying possibilities. As the dust settled, though, some coolheaded sources seemed to be skeptical about the truth behind the headlines.

The Spamhaus versus Cyberbunker cyber war, raised havoc around the internet with series of apocalyptic articles (VR-zone included), but the internet itself seemed to be unaware of the raging war shaking it. Maybe because it was not that shaken?

A rather smooth internet traffic report – source: Gizmoto

Truth is, the skirmish between Spamhaus and Cyberbunker happened. Cyberbunker really tried to crush Spamhaus servers with a flood of junk data, and Spamhaus really sought help from affiliated companies to ward off the attack. One of these allies was CloudFlare, an anti-DDoS firm that did its best to flame the whole issue to armaggedonian proportions.

Gizmodo, a UK based tech website, was the one who took up the gauntlet. According to their observations, the internet wasn’t slower than usually, streaming services kept working just fine, net giants like Amazon reported nothing out of order, web-monitoring organizations had no worrying feedback, and the World Wide Web had a fine day, thank you.

Everything has been OK for Amazon – source: Gizmoto

Then why all the fuss? Gizmodo claims it was nothing but a vulgar PR stunt, orchestrated by CloudFlare and Spamhaus, for advertising reasons. The UK Internet Service Providers Association Council, though, refrained from pointing fingers and simply said: “The attack did have an impact. Some sites will be affected”.

Well then, probably, we have to wait a bit longer till we see the cyber war that will shake the internet.

Source: Gizmodo

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