Watch Huawei launch the new flagship Mate 10 series Live!

In a couple of hours Huawei Mobile will launch their new flagship Mate 10 smartphone series Live from Munich, Germany and expectations are high that these devices, which feature new dual...


Alienware Seeks To Corner High-Performance PC Gaming

Alienware has recently launched a line-up of new high-performance gaming monitors, keyboards, and mice to meet the demands of PC gamers. In line with Alienware’s signature aesthetics seen on...

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What It Takes To Be a Winner – Canon Photomarathon XV: Judge, Champion, and Participant.

It's probably the most anticipated photography event of the year for budding photographers - Canon's annual PhotoMarathon started in Singapore fifteen years ago, and has now become a regiona


ASUS ZenFone 4 series launches in Singapore

ASUS has released their latest dual-camera ZenFone 4 Android smartphones in Singapore, and they're very affordable devices for mobile snappers and selfie fans, proving that you don't need to


Review: Aftershock MX15 Pro Gaming Notebook – Bang for your bucks

15.6-inch Full-HD gaming notebooks have been available for a couple of years, but they haven't been exactly affordable - an Acer Predator or Dell Alienware notebook with Intel Core i7 pr...