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Apple stores meeting, reasons unknown

A companywide Apple retail stores meeting has been called upon by Apple officials.  Sources close to the matter are unsure of the intention behind the meeting, but if Apple’s reputation for building up excitement and anticipation with any gathering remains true then perhaps there may be something exciting in store

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Possible Splinter Cell movie

Splinter Cell fans, brace yourself for a possible major motion picture based off the video game.  A recent article from deadline.com suggests that Ubisoft may be in the process of working out a deal with Paramount Pictures to produce a Splinter Cell movie. (more…)

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Motorola XT553 and XT889 sales begin in China

Motorola Mobility and China Telecom is teaming up to release two—an entry-level and a mid-range—Android devices to the Chinese market.  The Motorola XT553 will be an entry-level Android device targeted at budget conscious consumers, whereas the Motorola XT889 is targeted at Android enthusiasts and professionals. (more…)

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