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NVIDIA’s Major Coup: How AMD Lost a Man Who Brought All Next-Gen Console Deals

The fact that AMD won all three next-gen console deals is probably one of worst-kept secrets in Silicon Valley, but little was known about the history of how next-gen consoles are coming to be. The following story culminates with the news that Bob Feldstein, one of key executives at AMD -

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Fez won’t receive patch on XBLA

Fez, one of the more popular indie on the Xbox, will not be getting the re-release of the dreaded patch that deletes players’ saved games.  According to Polytron, Fez’s developer, Microsoft will charge too much for the patch to be released, and therefore, the developer has decided to not release

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Wasteland 2 early phase screenshot

InXile entertainment has raised nearly $3 million from over 60K backers through Kickstarter and PayPal in its effort to resurrect the Wasteland franchise.  After months of fund raising and fiddling around with various engines and elements, inXile has released a Wasteland 2 concept screenshot. (more…)

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