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Thunderbolt comes to the Windows PC – ASUS P8Z77-V Premium and MSI Z77A-GD80 Review

We evaluate two new flagship Z77 motherboards targeting different price points - ASUS's P8Z77-V Premium billed as a feature packed, four-way GPU capable workhorse while MSI opted for a more understated approach with their Z77A-GD80. Both of them feature a debuting Intel 'Cactus Ridge' Thunderbolt controller, which we will cover quite extensively in this piece.

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Chrome takes over as browser king

In September 2008 Google’s Chrome browser was a measly 3.1% according to w3schools.com, but in a mere three years Chrome has managed to surpass Internet Explorer and Firefox in browser usage.  As of April 2012, Chrome’s usage was 38.3%, followed by Firefox with 35.8% and 18.3% from IE. (more…)

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