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RIM betting it all on BlackBerry 10

In Hein’s closing statement of his letter to investors he essentially told investors that RIM’s future depends on the BlackBerry platform.  RIM’s new strategies might be pouring most of its remaining assets into developing the BlackBerry platform to stay competitive with iOS and Android, or start licensing their products and/or

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Serenade using the Futulele

Looking into starting a band but don’t have the money to invest in a Les Paul or a Roland Keyboard?  How about buying an iPad and downloading an instrument app?  Another instrument app has officially arrived and it’s called the Futulele—a ukulele derivative.  The Fututele has been in development for

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Google is the “truth”

Sophie Raworth was discussing the Amnesty International’s criticism of the UN’s presence in Syria, and it just so happened that there was a full blown image of the Halo’s UNSC logo in the background.  Halo fans must have been wondering if the UN is actually the real space age organization

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