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Microsoft’s Albert Penello searches for a comprehensive listing of Xbox One & PS4 game resolutions; these are his findings

While many of us know what resolution our favorite Xbox One/PS4 games will run at, some confusion still surrounds the confirmed resolutions of many first- and third-party titles. Microsoft's Director of Product Planning Albert Penello has taken to NeoGAF to find an answer and to make a comprehensive list of

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Sony launches new musical PS4 commercial during football broadcast

Sony's new PS4 commercial aired during tonight's broadcast of Monday Night Football, and featured whimsical cross-overs from PlayStation titles including Drive Club, Elder Scrolls Online, and Killzone: Shadow Fall set in the tune of Lou Reed's classic song "Perfect Day". The commercial shows two players taking the roles of characters from

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Indie devs claim the PS4’s GPU makes it ‘the most powerful console in the world’

With their next-gen campaign, Sony has blended their PlayStation 4 lineup with both mainstream triple-A releases with the delightfully zany realm of indie games in order to represent many different gaming flavors. Studios that have been tapped to bring their indies to Sony's trapezoidal magicbox are working hard at chipping

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